• Volunteer Air Force

    Monthly on Friday nights, 7PM to Midnight

  • Volunteer On-air Host

    Every Thursday, 10AM - Noon

    Craig has been a regular volunteer DJ at KPCW since 1995 and a Park City area resident since 1985 - when volunteers had to get an FCC license to be on the air. One thing he is proud of - and he admits...

  • Volunteer DJ

    Summer DJ

  • Host

    Utah's almost Biggest Liar and the driving/snagging half of KPCW's Classifieds Show Rover Reporter.

  • Volunteer On-air Personality

    Every other Saturday 4-7 PM

    Born: In the desert

    Raised: In a lion’s den

    Occupation: Stealing women from their men

    Home Address: Shakedown Street


  • Volunteer On-air Host

    every other Monday 7-10PM; every other Saturday 8PM to Midnight

  • Volunteer DJ

    Geologist, bon vivant, pinch-hitting DJ (when life doesn’t get in the way). Secretly wants his supercool radio moniker to be “DJ Dizzyspins”. Song requests and love notes always accepted!

  • Volunteer DJ

    every other Monday 7-10 PM

  • Volunteer DJ

    Drew started at KPCW in December 2013, completely new to radio. He squeezes in his Thursday shift between flights and teaching his two daughters that Pearl Jam is not old people's music. His tastes run toward music from the 80s,...

  • Volunteer DJ

    every other Tuesday, 7-10 PM