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    Summer DJ

  • Host

    Utah's almost Biggest Liar and the driving/snagging half of KPCW's Classifieds Show Rover Reporter.

  • Volunteer Air Force

    Every other Saturday 4-7 PM

    Born: In the desert

    Raised: In a lion’s den

    Occupation: Stealing women from their men

    Home Address: Shakedown...

  • Volunteer Air Force

    every other Monday 7-10PM; every other Saturday 8PM to Midnight

    He also does stuff like get mentioned on national shows like NPR's Only A Game

  • Volunteer Air Force

    Every other Saturday 10 AM - 1PM

    Donna Kennett moved to Park City from Australia in November 2014 with her husband and now 4 year old son. She always loved radio and jumped at the opportunity to blast her Australian accent and...

  • Volunteer Air Force


    Drew started at KPCW in December 2013, completely new to radio. He squeezes in his Thursday shift between flights and teaching his two daughters that Pearl Jam is not old people's music. His tastes run toward music...

  • Volunteer Air Force

    every other Tuesday, 7-10 PM

  • Director of Underwriting

    Twenty-year KPCW volunteer DJ Emily Elliott joined KPCW in the spring of 2013 as Director of Underwriting. Elliott began volunteering at the station during a pledge drive in 1993 and has stayed with the station in one role or another ever since...

  • Volunteer Air Force

    Every other Wednesday, 7-10 PM

  • Volunteer Air Force

    every other Saturday, 4-7 PM

    James has been a lifetime fan of radio and joined KPCW in 2013 to learn about the profession and gain experience. He travels up from Salt Lake City to lend his voice to KPCW's airwaves, and favors...