• Program & Operations Director

    Bob Hendricks comes to KPCW after a full career in commercial radio - including in Salt Lake City, where he his was the ying to his on-air partner Tom Barberi's yang.

  • Reporter
  • Director of Underwriting

    Twenty-year KPCW volunteer DJ Emily Elliott joined KPCW in the spring of 2013 as Director of Underwriting. Elliott began volunteering at the station during a pledge drive in 1993 and has stayed with the station in one role or another ever since...

  • Office Manager

    Ethel Preston is KPCW's Chief Officer of First Impressions, and handles KPCW's public service announcements, lost & found, donor databases and volunteer coordination.

  • Marketing & Event Director

    Long time Park City resident and Utah native, Jennifer joined the station in August of 2016 as Marketing & Event Director.   Jennifer has spent over two decades in the Marketing & Advertising worlds including seven years as Event &...

  • Accountant

    Keeper of our books and filer of our reports, Juliana joined KPCW in March 2015, even after witnessing what pledge drive is like. Julie’s background in non-profit accounting and auditing, which are a great match with the station.  Since...

  • News Director

    Tough but fair, Leslie is the woman most of Park City wakes up with every weekday morning. Her 26 years at KPCW has given her depth and insight, guiding her as she asks local leaders and citizens the questions on everyone’s minds during the...

  • Reporter
  • Host of The Local View

    Reigning as the king of The Local View afternoon show, Randy not only shares the arts and entertainment opportunities of the area, he has had – or still has – a hand in creating them. Randy is always an entertaining ride, whether he...

  • General Manager

    Renai Bodley Miller became General Manager of KPCW in June, 2017. Previously, she was a reporter at KPCW. Renai is a 25 year veteran of the television news business.  She was a news producer in Roanoke, VA, Richmond, VA, Miami, FL, and...