• Volunteer DJ

    KPCW's Classifieds Show

    Saturdays 7-9 AM

  • Producer

    Beth has a long history with KPCW, with her current position as Producer of the Mountain Money and Community Voices shows. Beth also organizes KPCW's Community Forum. When not at the station, she is an adjunct profession of journalism at the...

  • Host

    Cathy is the sunny half of the KPCW Classifieds Show Roving Reporter of Cathy & Dave, where she hunts for bargains AND for stories to bring to The Story Mine.

  • Co-host of KPCW's This Green Earth.

  • Host

    Utah's almost Biggest Liar and the driving/snagging half of KPCW's Classifieds Show Rover Reporter.

  • Co-host of Mountain Money since 2012.

  • Host of Fun Friday!

    The (slighly) deeper voice of the Fun Friday! show.

  • Host, KPCW Cool Science Radio

    John's curiosity with science and technology began at the age of 7 with the country's space program. With a subscription his parents gave him to Popular Science and Popular Mechanics along with other periodicals and Walter...

  • Volunteer DJ

    Cada Domingo

  • President and General Manager

    Where so many of KPCW’s staff claim longevity in town, Larry has the extra credit of having actually written the book on Park City - Park City: Mountain of Treasure. Now, however, he is the Wasatch County connection on the team, living...