Park City High School Students Organize Debate About Guns

May 22, 2018

Some Park City High Schools students have organized a debate to help their community better understand who they’ll be voting for in November. The topic? Gun issues. Melissa Allison has more:

The Park City School District announced it is taking applications for stakeholders interested in joining the steering committee to oversee a new Master Planning effort. In 2015 the school district worked with architects and designers to identify facility needs across the district and that exercise resulted in a bond measure.  However, it failed at the ballot box that same year.  The school board is ready to start the master planning process in the fall of 2018 which will determine future capital projects for the school district.  Carolyn Murray has the update on this.

As summer activities begin, KPCW spoke with Park City Mountain Resort Chief Operation Officer Bill Rock. David Boyle has the recap:

Joining Chris and Nell to discuss the many environmental impacts of eating meat and dairy - and the equally many benefits of employing a more plant based diet are Lauren Lockey and Dave Swartz of Sage Mountain. Also, Chis and Dave discuss the latest environment news. 

This Green Earth - May 22, 2018

May 22, 2018

We are nearly six months into the new policies announced by China regardng their acceptance of recyclables, particularly plastic.  It's save to say that as a result, little or no plastics here in the U.S. are being recycled.  Joining Chris and Nell in the first half of the program to discuss details of this situation, as well as the waste and recyclng industry as a whole, is Reece DeMille.

Local News Hour - May 22, 2018

May 22, 2018

  Summit County Manager, Tom Fisher gives a preview of  Wednesday's County Council meeting beginning at 11:30 with the Summit Bike Share launch at the KImball Junction Transit Center . They go into closed session at 1 pm and begin the work session at 3:10 pm in the Sheldon Richin's Building auditorium. Students Faith Staley and Adam Herbst talk about the upcoming gun debate scheduled for May 31st.  They've invited political candidates for the discussion in the hope of creating a civilized dialogue on the topic of Gun Control.

A Park City couple is looking for help as they search for a missing pop-up trailer. David Boyle has more:

Running With Ed Sets Some New Records

May 21, 2018
Melissa Allison

The Park City Education Foundation broke some of their own records at Saturday’s Running with Ed event that raises money for educational programs in Park City. Melissa Allison has more:

Hablamos con Franco Libertini, oficial con el Departamento de Policía de Park City, de las leyes de conducir, y pasos para evitar tener tanto una interacción con un oficial de policía, pero tambien evitar recibir una multa, o peor, ser arrestado.

We speak with Officer Franco Libertini of the Park City Police Department about driving laws, steps you can take to avoid interaction with a law enforcement official, and how to avoid receiving fines or tickets or, worse, being arrested.  


Hablamos con un artista de cerámica, Antonio Silveira, de la tradición de cerámica Mata Ortiz, la historia detrás de esta tradición, la importancia y cómo se continúa esta tradición viva a travez de estas obras de arte.

Cada Domingo talks with ceramic artist Antonio Silveira. He speaks about the tradition of Mata Ortiz ceramics, the history behind the tradition, and the importance of keeping both alive through these works of art.