KPCW Broadcasters Club


KPCW creates community.

Are you passionate about your community?

Become a member of KPCW’s Broadcasters Club today!

KPCW provides the critical link to the residents, guests and visitors of the Wasatch Back. Broadcasters Club members play a significant role in ensuring the success of a station that so many depend on, learn from and enjoy.


Your annual gift will:

  1. Ensure KPCW remains forever anchored to the community.

  2. Yield dividends in local journalism, robust civic dialog, and success for local non-profit organizations and for-profit businesses.

  3. Establish a leadership group of listeners who will provide for the future of local public radio, help strengthen KPCW, develop new programs, and find innovative ways of serving the community better.

Broadcasters Club Membership starts with an annual gift of $1,000 or more, and may be paid on a monthly basis.

  • Platinum: $10,000-plus

  • Gold: $5,000 - $9,999 

  • Sterling Silver: $2,500 - $4,999

  • Silver: $1,000 - $2,499






Broadcasters Club benefits:

  • On-air recognition (corporate, foundation or individual)

  • Website recognition

  • Broadcasters Club branded gear

  • Invitation to exclusive member events including ski days, golf outings, picnics and social affairs

  • More...


If you can answer YES to any of the questions below, it’s time to invest in YOUR local community radio station:

  • Would you like to ensure the future of local public radio in the Park City area?

  • Are you passionate about your community?

  • Do you consider KPCW to be a platform for dialog within the community?

  • Would you like to see continued, on-air promotional support for the local non-profit community?

  • Can you envision a superior news team broadcasting on local issues?

  • Do you appreciate the snow reports, trail reports, local weather and traffic?

  • Have you ever lost something or found something via KPCW's Lost & Found service? 


For more information please contact Kim Crittenden at (435) 649-9004 or


What would life be like without KPCW community radio?

Who would cover the local news and issues relevant to our area on a daily basis?

Who else can provide constantly updated, locally pinpointed weather, traffic and emergency information? 

Who would reunite lost cats and dogs with their owners? 


Join the Broadcasters Club to invest in your local community. 




Each Broadcasters Club membership covers two individuals. Membership is tax-deductible, and good for one year from the date you sign up.


  • Jill Johnson and Hobie Kellis

  • James and Susan Swartz


  • Jeff and Leslie Edison

  • Hans and Sally Fuegi

  • Dan and Terese Heintzelman

  • Bob and Susan Richer


  • Robert Christie

  • Tom and Lynn Fey

  • Roger Goldman and Rana Tahitnen

  • Don Gomes and Annie Holt

  • Rena Jordan and Mike Henderson

  • Sue and Eric Robbins

  • Charlie and Mary Wintzer

  • Mike and Nann Worel

  • Charlyne and Paul Wozniak


  • Carol and Alan Agle

  • Kathie and Scott Amann

  • Brian Anderson

  • Beth and Roger Armstrong

  • Joe and Marie Backer

  • Bonnie Barry and David Hedderman

  • Lisa and Jim Bedell

  • Whitney Olch Bishop and George Bishop

  • Eric and Ann Bloomquist

  • Mitchel and Annica Burns

  • Cheryl Butler

  • Alex Butwinski

  • Terry and Dave Camarata

  • Robin and Marion Campbell

  • Alex and Catherine Cimos

  • Gary and Jana Cole

  • Karen Coleman

  • Craig Cooper and Suzanne Harris

  • Gary Crandall

  • Joe & Kelly Cronley

  • John and Kristi Cumming

  • Eileen Dunn and Gio Melendez

  • Rad and Kelly Dye

  • Duffy and Christine Dyer

  • Todd Evans

  • Tim and Jackie Fehr

  • Dena Fleming and Lisa Lundquist

  •  Strike Fongeallaz

  • Al and Susan Galik

  • Peter and Heidi Gatch

  • Larry and Rachel Gilbert

  • Jon-Eric and Amanda Greene

  • Kenneth Greenberg

  • Gerry Groll

  • Sheila and AJ Hall

  • Reg and Gina Harpur

  • Deb Hartley 

  • Paula and Skip Hodgetts

  • Margaret and Ken Jacobs

  • Steve and Julie Joyce

  • Bruce and Kate Kasanoff

  • Harold and Sally Kaufmann

  • Mike and Michelle Kerby

  • Liz and Thomas King

  • Paul Kirwin and Alison Child

  • Kimberly and Skip Klintworth

  • James and Martha Kupferschmidt

  • Steve and Anne Laurent

  • Jim and Cindy Lea

  • Tom Leavens and Sarah Langridge

  • Mark and Tiffany Lemons

  • Carol and Scott Loomis

  • Henry J. Louis

  • Jennifer and Gideon Malherbe

  • Jack and Kim Mayhew

  • Linda  and Tom McCausland

  • Hallie and Ted McFetridge

  • Julie McKay and Dani Mileti

  • Linda McReynolds

  • Eric Miller and Dana Kunz

  • Mark and Renai Miller

  • Jim and Sue Moses

  • Bill and Carole Mullen

  • Donnie Novelle

  • Brad Olch

  • Sharree Olsen and Mike Stevens

  • Teri Orr

  • Jim and Sam Osselaer

  • Kevin and Anne Parker

  • Jeffrey Perlowitz

  • Jamie and Dean Peters

  • Kurt and Heidi Peterson

  • Mike Poulin and Leslie Herning

  • Brooks and Lenna Quinn

  • Myles Rademan and Joy Barrett

  • Craig and Delia Reece

  • Sydney Reed

  • Terry Reilly

  • John and Laura Robbins

  • Eric and Sally Robinson

  • Phyllis and Brooks Robinson

  • Bill and Jennifer Rock

  • Donald and Kathy Roll

  • Steve and Karen Roney

  • Larry and Gail Rose

  • Bill and Megan Rusconi

  • Ed & Lynne Rutan

  • Tomoko Schlag

  • Rob and Faye Slettom

  • Rich and Janice Sonntag

  • Jeff and Nikki Stern

  • Sidney Stern Memorial Trust / Peter H. Hoffenberg

  • Carol and Jeffrey Stowell

  • Gordon and Kristine Strachan

  • Jennifer Strachan and Tom Biersbach

  • Buzz and Polly Strasser

  • Susan Strauss and Dave Beemster

  • Bruce Taylor

  • Stephen and Margaret Taylor

  • Brad and Elizabeth Thompson

  • Lesley and David Thompson

  • Jim and Elizabeth Tozer

  • Donna VanBuren and Fred Woods

  • Lauren and Peter Vitulli

  • Bryan and Danielle Whang

  • Larry Warren and Carol Murphy

  • Doug Wells

  • Jan Wilking and Teri Thomas

  • Roger and Bobbi Williams

  • Ken and Sally Wilson

  • Mary and Peter Wright

  • Mardi Young