Lev Grossman http://kpcw.org en Cool Science Radio - March 20, 2014 http://kpcw.org/post/cool-science-radio-march-20-2014 <p></p><p>John Wells and Lynn Ware Peek speak with Lev Grossman, author of last month's <em>TIME </em>magazine cover story,&nbsp; <em>Quantum Leap: Inside the Tangled Quest for the Future of Computing.</em></p><p>Then Craig Aaron, CEO of Free Press about net neutrality and the recently announced merger between Comcast and Time Warner.&nbsp;</p><p></p> Thu, 20 Mar 2014 19:27:10 +0000 Lynn Ware Peek & John Wells 11178 at http://kpcw.org Cool Science Radio - March 20, 2014